ICTCM 2015 - Las Vegas, Nevada - March 2015
Computer Workshop - Making Videos for Your Flipped or Online Course More Appealing

ICTCM 2014 - San Antonio, Texas - March 2014
Session - Problem-Motived Calculus
Computer Workshop - Making Videos for Your Flipped or Online Course More Appealing

Engaging Students Through Critical Thinking and Active Learning - February 2014
Presented at SLCC for Faculty Professional Development

ICTCM 2013 - Boston, Massachusetts - March 2013
Presession - Online--Acquiring the Attention of the Wired in Learner
Computer Workshop - Tech Tips & Tricks to Help With Online Classes
Session - The Charge - Increase Success Rates in Intermediate Algebra Using Technology

ICTCM 2012 - Orlando, Florida - March 2012
Good Practice #2 - Reciprocity Among Students - How Do I Do This in an Online Class?

Highlights from the MCC Math & Technology Boot Camp
"What I Did On My Summer Vacation...."

ICTCM 11 Presession - Denver - March 2011
Learning Theories & Best Practices in Online Learning

ICTCM 11 Pression Breakout - Denver - March 2011
Course Readiness & Assessments

Websites with additional information on topics presented above

Regional Technology Workshop - SLCC March 2011
Best Practices for Classroom Technology Use

Workshop for Students - Tips & Tricks About How to Effectively Use MML, sponsored by Trio
MyMathLab Success Tools

Concurrent Instructors MathXL Training
Here are some short video clips on how to get the course materials
as well as HW & Test Manager and Gradebook Basics

AMATYC 09 - Las Vegas - November 2009
Snipes, Snopes and Snippets About Teaching Online

Maximizing PowerPoint in Your Classroom
ICTCM Summer Camp 2009

ICTCM 09 - New Orleans - March 2009
Online Course Best Practices

AMATYC 08 - Washington DC - November 2008
"Online Tips and Techniques - Experiences from the Past Six Years"

CIT - League of Innovation - Salt Lake City, UT - October 2008
"Making Connections: Tools and Techniques for Online, Hybrid, and Live Courses"

Concurrent Instructor MathXL Training
Requested Video Clips

BYU-Hawaii - Laie, Hawaii - April 2008
"Versatility in Course Format"

ICTCM 08 - San Antonio, Texas - March 2008
"Versatility In Course Format--Accomodating Student Needs"

Intermountain West Regional MyMathLab Users Conference
"Setting Up Adjunct and Fulltime Faculty Training Sessions – What to Cover"

ICTCM 07 - Boston, Massachusetts - Feb 2007
"Take One Tablet (PC that is) and They Won't Need To Call You in the Morning"

MyMathLab Commercial
(made by Matt Ainsley, Park City High School, 2007)

ICTCM 06 - Orlando, Florida - March 2006
"Tips and Techniques for Online and Hybrid Math Courses"

SLCC Faculty Convention - April 2005
"Tools for Visualizing Math"

ICTCM 04 - New Orleans, LA - October 2004
"Creating An Online Course on a Shoestring Budget"

AMATYC 03 - Salt Lake City, UT - November 2003
"Effective Use of PowerPoint in Both Live and Online Courses"